Photographing children ?
What on earth is happening to us. Last year we were refused permission to photograph our Grandaughter taking her first swim at a holiday camp.
We are being refused the ability to create visual memories for future generations to enjoy. We have been lucky so far, and have been able to pass on
our work to parents, charities and event organisers with a positive and gratefull response. A new season is just beginning and we hope that the good people
of Derbyshire will continue to accept our work in the same spirit.


Want an Image?
This is a not for profit web site. All images are free to those appearing on this site or organisations that are involved in the running of events featured.
The only provision we make is that any monies raised from these images goes either to charity or towards funding future events. At this time demand
for our work is low and so in most cases we are prepared to cover the cost of the Cd and postage, this may have to change in the future.
Images on Cd can be put onto digital photo frames and portable devices, plus you have the ability to reproduce any number of prints in various sizes for all
your family members.



The summer rush is over but there are still some events to visit. Derbyshire faired better than some regarding the heavy rains and flooding
but some events were cancelled.
Please do not let my Mother know, but I have purchased another camera (Fuji FinePix S6500 fd) May
seem silly but the best bit about this camera is it's size, manufacturers keep making cameras smaller but I can't shrink my hands. My hand
wraps round this one a treat, so much easier to use.

Ancestry Surprise

My page on ancestry was rewarded when John Kubiak chanced on it and got in touch.. He is part of my family and lives in Canada, but visited my mother whilst in England on business. They have exchanged information and are still in contact.

Keep Records
My mother has a collection of photographs with no information relating to them. It may not seem important at this time but please keep records so that future generations will be able to recognise their family. Addition for 2006 A news report at the start of the year indicates that more people are buying DV recorders.
Please use them, I have missed recording events that seemed so trivial or ordinary at the time but are important now.

Who's Fault is it
I would like to thank Don I think from Nutrocker who unwittingly inspired me to develop this site. He placed some of my photographs on his site and the rest is history as they say.

If you have visited Derbyshire in the past and would like to recommend anything to potential visitors please get in touch (Do not mention the rain,crazy locals or marauding flocks of sheep)

In Conclusion
I hope you have enjoyed visiting my site and will recommend it to your friends. If you would like something relevant to Derbyshire featured on this site please get in touch. Remember I have spent countless lonely hours putting this site together so hit the guest book button and tell me its all been worthwhile or I will never de-fluff my mouse ball again.