Derbyshire in Focus 2014

Chesterfield Canal

A walk beside the canal on a warm sunny day with bread for the ducks. Some images you would expect to see and some you may overlook
If you have the time slow down and explore the waters edge for insects, the young frogs were from my garden pond

Date taken 01/06/2014.


010614_canal_Bilby_Bridge 010614_canal_Blue_Bank 010614_canal_Dianne 010614_canal_Bilby_Bridge01 010614_canal_bug_04 010614_canal_bug_01 010614_canal_bug_02 010614_canal_bug_03 010614_canal_bug_05 010614_canal_bug_06 010614_canal_bug_07 010614_canal_bug_12 010614_canal_mallard_01 010614_canal_cruise_05 010614_canal_cruise_04 010614_canal_Blue_Bank_02 010614_canal_cruise_03 010614_canal_cruise_06 010614_canal_Bilby_Bridge02 010614_canal_cruise_02 010614_canal_Blue_Bank_01 010614_canal_bug_09 010614_canal_bug_11