Derbyshire in Focus 2013
Hasland Gala 2013

Date taken 9/06/2013.

In 1913, Alderman Eastwood (Mayor of Chesterfield, 1905 to 1908) donated the park to the public in memory of his late father. The first condition on donating
the park was that it should be called "Hasland Park", however Eastwood later accepted the council's decision to name the park "Eastwood Park".

Eastwood Park has been closed for restoration. Chesterfield Borough Council received 1.07m pounds from the Heritage Lottery Fund and contributed a further
201,000 pounds. The original four week closure was extended following problems in planning and construction work, partially due to flooding in early 2013.
The restoration project has included improvements to the Hall and fountain, modernisation of play areas, a new sports pavilion, new multi use games
area and a community garden.
The Gala was used to officially open the park and as you can see there was a very large turn out and although the day started cloudy the sun broke through and
made the day perfect.
These are a few of the photos I took to give you a brief view of the day. Photos of the visiting Carnival and Charity Royalty are available on my Facebook page.


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