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Just a bit about me. I am 60 years old. I am a Chargehand/JCB driver for D.C.C. and happily married to Dianne.
We have two adult children, Carol and Andrew and two Grandaughters Amie Louise and Sophie Jane.
On September the 13th 2013 we gained a Son-in-Law Anthony Crane



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05/07/2014 Carnival
01/06/2014 Sunday Walk.
26/05/2014 Carnival, Well Dressings.
25/05/2014 Gala Day.
25/05/2014 Well Dressings
17/05/2014 Well Dressings
06/07/2013 Carnival Day
21/07/2013 It's a Knockout Fund Raiser
09/06/2013 Gala and re-opening of Eastwood Park
29/05/2013 Garland Ceremony.
25/05/2013 Well Dressings
19/05/2013 Well Dressings
Jan-April 2013 Selection
11/05/2013 Well Dressing.
Christmas Attractions
03/11/2012 Community Fireworks
05/11/2012 Firework Display
21/10/2012 Ladybower Dam

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